Vision for Desborough Schools Bowling Academy

To bring the sport of Bowling to school pupils in the Maidenhead area and give them opportunities to become club and County Bowlers within the next few Years.

Katherine Rednall 2014 youngest ever World Indoor Ladies Champion aged 18

Katherine Rednall Worl Title Video

Our vision is that all students will enjoy this experience of bowling and some of the students will continue their training in the after school club on Fridays and move up to representing our Bowling Club or even Berkshire County, in friendly matches, or in senior or under-25 competition within a year or two.

Our Objectives

  1. Excite you about your potential for bowling
  2. Discover new playing talent
  3. Offer you opportunities for further training
  4. Move you into competitions that suit you at an early opportunity
  5. Encourage your friends and family to take the sport up with you