Our vision is that all students will enjoy this experience of bowling and some of the students will continue their training and move up to representing our Bowling Club or even Berkshire County, in friendly matches, or in senior or under-25 competitions within a year or two.

We will play most Fridays through the year and will put any unavailable dates on the website.


Welcome to Desborough Schools Bowling Academy. This after school bowls club has the following objectives for 14 to 18-year-old students in and around Maidenhead.

  1. Enjoy your introduction to this sport
  2. Practicing bowling
  3. Understand the fundamentals of the game
  4. Prepare you to continue participation that suits you

Within weeks you will be capable of starting to play indoor games to suit your level of skill.

    1. Our objectives as Desborough Bowling Club are
  1. Excite you about your potential for bowling
  2. Discover new playing talent
  3. Offer you opportunities for further training
  4. Move you into competitions that suit you at an early opportunity
  5. Encourage your friends and family to take the sport up
The outline content of each lesson is laid out below in green. The lesson will contain instruction in the green items but mostly spend time on practicing deliveries.
1.     LESSON 1 – At the end of this lesson you will know how to stand and deliver a bowl and how to take care of the playing surface.
Protection of the Green surfaces
Explain terms – The Green, Rinks, Ditches, Bowls (woods), Jack
Bowls Bias,
Backhand and forehand delivery practice
Placing the mat and restrictions
LESSON 2 – At the end of this lesson you will be aware of the range of bowls sizes and weights and how to behave on the green as well how games are scored.
Etiquette of play
Ends and Scoring (cards)
LESSON 3 – At the end of this lesson students will understand the standard draw shot and when a shot is legal or illegal. Players will understand when your team turn to play begins and ends and the basics of measuring for scores
Draw shot
Rinks and Legal/ illegal Bowl
Possession of the Mat
LESSON 4 – At the end of this lesson players will understand what happens when your bowl hits the jack and how to deliver the jack at the start of an end.
toucher on the green
toucher in the ditch
Delivery of the jack
Legal/illegal jack
LESSON 5 – At the end of this lesson the student will understand what the drive shot is. They will also know the different sizes of teams and who does what in a team.
fire or drive
Types of Game – Singles/ Pairs/ Triples/ Rink